We have divided our dishes into three different tasting menu offerings based on the theme. It is possible to choose one of three guided tastings (one menu for the whole table)

or you can choose from the three pages individual a la carte dishes. For tables of 6 people or more, a menu must be established in advance, even a customized one.


( for the whole table )

Deer in the woods: marinated sirloin, blueberry, raspberry and our mushrooms in oil € 35.00

Partridge mousse, artichoke nest, madeira chestnut cream € 35.00

Tortello di germano, chestnut, pumpkin , pomegranate, drinking broth with pumpkin and ginger € 35.00

Smoked orzotto, hare sauce*, aronia, herb and porcini powders € 35.00

Roe, berries and herbs, spring onion, carnelian jam € 35.00

– or –

Pheasant breast, pumpkin, hazelnut and saffron € 35.00

Our Hare (Only with the entire menu)

Quince: caramelized and jammed, rice and milk, Nepal pepper, black tea date, luigia grass cream € 18.00

– or –

Chestnut in the undergrowth: vanilla and candied puree, meringue, chocolate € 18.00

The entire tasting € 140.00

A pairing of 4 glasses of wine selected by the sommelier is available € 40.00


( for the whole table )

Egg poché, fennel mousse, crispy waffle with herbs, charcoal mayonnaise
€ 30,00

Grilled sweetbread, scorzonera, fir, cacomela and China, fermented cherry € 35.00

Fioretta dumplings, bums, crispy goose in confit, currants, sour cream € 35.00

Maccheroncini with pigeon sauce and escalope breast
€ 35,00

Guinea fowl: breast with corn crock, dried broccoli fiolaro and juniper, leg roll, American potato and quince, black trumpets € 35.00

– or –

Diaphragm and barbecued ox heart, red turnip and ‘900 Carlotto € 35.00

The lemon: bergamot ganache, lemon marmalade and zest in syrup, white chocolate, roasted Sarawak brine Camo pepper € 18.00


On the caramel: almonds and chocolate crunch,

ganache with vanilla, licorice, icing and raspberry
€ 18,00

The entire tasting € 120.00

A pairing of 4 glasses of wine selected by the sommelier is available € 40.00

The Classics

( for the whole table )

Warm raperonzoli with melted lard and organic knife-beaten Giavenale

€ 35,00

Snails in herb cream, bread with thyme and onion € 35.00

Pappardelle with Vezzene porcini mushrooms and mountain butter (historic dish) € 40.00

“Caciopepe” in Altissimo, smoked pepper, radish, crumbled sweet bread € 30.00

Our pigeon in two cooking with porcini mushrooms with thyme € 40.00


Royal veal, China Carlotto, cocoa mass, Jerusalem artichoke, almond and fine black truffle from Norcia € 45.00

Crispy chocolate sphere, meringue and yogurt parfait, passion fruit, raspberry, spruce, mountain pine and rosolio € 18.00

– or –

Carlotto rosolio hazelnut cake, gianduja mousse € 18.00

The entire tasting € 125.00

A pairing of 4 glasses of wine selected by the sommelier is available € 40.00