Antonio, Daria and Luca.

In these three names, father, mother, and son, the whole story of Casin del Gamba is summed up.

A story that would otherwise be difficult to reduce to a few lines.

A story of family and cooking, of evolution and passion, of love and total dedication.

It is Mr. and Mrs. Dal Lago who make Casin del Gamba the excellence that it is; their work and their union takes one back in time to 1976, the year they began their adventure together, soon joined by Luca, through the history of Italian cuisine, its becoming, its progression in taste.

A journey that will lead them, aided by their invaluable staff, in 1992 to the Michelin Star, which has accompanied them and shone with them unbroken for 30 years.

So here it is, this is Casin del Gamba.

It is an experience, a journey, a sensation of pleasure that is felt lightly the very moment one crosses its threshold, and that gradually transforms into a triumph of scents, tastes and elegance, never ostentatious but always present, plate after plate, glass after glass, smile after smile.

You have entered the Casin del Gamba.

Antonio, Daria and Luca welcome you.

There is a hill between Vicenza and Verona. A hill that is the custodian of a history. A story that tells of an old hunting lodge and a family that has made cooking its expressive art through a palette of excellent ingredients, a canvas of candid ceramics and a brush of skilled passion.

This is what you perceive in the hall of Casin del Gamba, far from the noise of the world, surrounded by pure nature, welcomed into a space with soft corners and delicate light, where every detail is total harmony.

Like an artist’s studio, Casin del Gamba surrounds you with its amalgam of sensations, creating the perfect space where you allow your taste, smell and sight to savor every nuance of what is created, protected and shared here…

For You.